Prodotto per l’apprendimento dell’informatica e dell’inglese
Inglese tecnico ->Acronyms Quiz
by Prof.ssa Ornella Grasso

1. What BIOS stands for?
Born Intelligent Or Sensible
Basic In / On System
Beautiful Internet Ocean of Sensations
Basic Input / Output System

2. What is the meaning of the word FAQ?
For an Active Quiz
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Answered Questions
For the Active Questions

3. What the acronym WWW stands for?
World Web Wide
Wild Wild West
World Wide Web
Wow Wow Wow

4. CPU is the acronym for what?
Computer Processing Unit
Central Processor Unit
Computer Power Unit
Central Processing Unit

5. What is the meaning of GUI?
Graphical Universal Internet
Graphical User Interaction
Graphical User Interface
Great User Interface

6. What ISP stands for?
Internet Solution Provider
Internal Service Provider
Internet Service Provider
Internal System Provider

7. What is the meaning of BCC?
British Computer Company
because Blind Copy Check it
Blind Carbon Copy
Blind Copy Carbon

8. GIF's meaning is...
Giraffe international found
Gratis Internet future
Graphics Interchange Format
Graphics Internal format

9.JPEG's meaning is....
Join Photo Extra Gif
Joint Photogenic Experts Graphics
Joint Photographic Experts Group
Joint Photographic European Graphics

10. WI-FI means ...
Wireless Fidelity
Wanting Immediately Free Internet
Wide Fidelity
World Internet Free Impact