For the Kids of Ms. Brickley V
Sigonella, Stephen Decatur School
 by Daniel Stahler             


1. Where do you double click?
Monitor .

2. What is a bit?
The smallest piece of digital information.
A mouthfull of sandocument.writeitch.
A computer program.
The largest piece of digital information.

3. What is a byte?
A mountain house.
A house by the sea.
A combination of 8 bites.
A microphone for a computer.

4. What is a kilobyte?
500 kilograms.
One thousand bytes (1024).
1000 meters.
1000 grams.

5. What is baud (bd)?
The measure of data transfer.
Speed of a train.
Speed of luce.
Speed of sound.

6. What is hertz (hz)?
Frequency. one cylcle.
A modern telephone.
A rental car
A bicycle part.

7. What is RAM (Random Access Memory)?
Random access memory .
Static memory.
memory stored on a hard drive.
Flash memory.

8. What is ROM (Read Only Memory)?
A person's memory.
Ransom access memory.
Memory of ancient Rome.
Read Only Memory.

9. What is a mouse?
A device to point and click.
A computer language.
A way to type messages.
A computer virus.

10.What is a floppy?
A computer CDROM.
A way to play music.
The disk that is used in the A: drive
A hat that will not stay put.